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4 Romantic Date Ideas for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic holiday of the year, but it can be easily spoiled by poor planning. Generic or boring date ideas, last minute reservations, and not understanding what your partner truly wants can quickly transform a romantic night into a fiery disaster. However, there’s no need to let the heat of the situation get to you. If you want to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day, simply pick an intimate activity that you’ll both enjoy. For inspiration, check out our favorite romantic date ideas that might have escaped your mind.


1. Go Wine Tastingmetuchen_social_valentines-day-romantic-dates_IG_16jan2019

Wine, particularly red wine, is the alcoholic beverage most commonly associated with intimacy. While wine can easily be incorporated into a dinner date, a wine tasting would make for a much more memorable night. If you aren’t able to go to a winery, try planning a crawl between several sophisticated bars that serve fine wine. Just remember that everything is good in moderation; if you drink too much, this night won’t be memorable for other reasons. Bottoms up!

valentines_dates_cooking2. Take a Cooking Class

What’s more intimate than a candlelit dinner? How about making a meal with your partner? A dinner date is probably the most generic way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, so it’s unlikely to make for a memorable occasion. Consider spicing things up by taking a cooking class instead. You and your partner will remember this Valentine’s Day every time you integrate an aspect of the cooking class into your everyday meals.

valentines_dates_movie3. Have a Movie Night

If you and your partner would prefer to have a cozy night in, a movie night could make for the perfect Valentine’s Day date. Whether you choose to watch a shared favorite or something new, make the night special by preparing decadent snacks, having your partner’s favorite drink ready, and lighting a few candles. If things go well, you might not even make it through the movie!

valentines_dates_spa (1)4. Spend the Day at a Spa

Who said that all Valentine’s Day festivities have to take place at night? You and your partner can have a date night anytime you want, but it’s rare that you can clear your whole day for each other. To make this Valentine’s Day extra special, take the whole day for each other and embark on a couple’s retreat to your partner’s favorite spa. Valentine’s Day is stressful for many couples, so why not take the day to relax? 

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